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About Art Mirror

关于 艺镜

Art Mirror was founded by the Australian Digital Collection Art Association, in cooperation with Chinese painting and calligraphy associations, galleries, well-known traditional and digital artists at home and abroad, and Web3 technology research and development institutions. Art Connection’s new platform for collection dialogue, focused on bringing the best content related to NFT art. Art Mirror’s network will continue to expand our art platform through cooperation with (above) various institutions and artists, allowing artworks to be integrated in the NFT and metaverse worlds.

Selection of High-value artworks

The selection of works of art is currently carried out by Art Mirror, and gradually advances to the DAO voting for works of art. Art Mirror will gradually realize DAO governance, and hand over the real collection selection to DAO.

Artwork Released on Chain

All NFT art collections released on Art Mirror are affiliated with the CC0 agreement. We believe that in the traditional art collection circle, this will be an interest of trans-generational significance.

NFT Collection with Utility

The NFT collections of each project issued by Art Mirror will be additionally utility, which will be gradually realized (according to the roadmap but not limited to) including token claim, Key utility, external NFT airdrop, automatic whitelisting and DAO governance.

Art Mirror Workflow

艺镜 流程

Choose Well-Known Artists


Artwork selection


NFT artwork distribute


derivatives issuance


Our Mission


Digital the Art


Derivational of NFT


Financialization of Collections


DAO and Metaverse


We want to change
Art lives

People, Objects, and Objects are also needed in the metaverse. More elements will be produced in Art Mirror. Please be full of expectations! Art Mirror is a fantastic continent where everything has a spirit.

Who We Are


Art Mirror was founded by the Australian Digital Collection Art Association, in conjunction with traditional calligraphy and painting artists and art associations of various provinces and cities, and the web3 technology development team Nathan Owl provides on-chain technical support to provide the Art Mirror platform with high-quality art works while ensuring that new technologies are traditional art. Field escort.

Change the Future

From the Art Mirror

NFT and Fine art

There are a few other trends in NFT art that show the potential to shake up the traditional art world.

We estimate that over the next decade, 50% of the world’s top artists and artworks will be recorded as NFTs. This is where Art Mirror can come into play.

Not only will we likely see new digital artworks being created and sold as NFTs, but galleries and private funds will also mint digital twins.

A QR code can appear next to every painting in a gallery to verify their authenticity. Art investors can claim NFTs while buying classical art. Virtual galleries can accompany real-world galleries, allowing people to visit the Louvre in a virtual world.

Digital Twin NFT

The NFTization of works of art will eventually replace physical works of art.

With digital twin NFTs, physical items will be linked to the NFT and stored on a decentralized blockchain that is nearly impossible to manipulate.

Again, NFTs are not physical objects, but tools to verify these items. Think of it as a receipt or certificate of authenticity that is secure, publicly accessible, and preserves the full history of the project.

Earlier this year, blockchain firm Injective Protocol took burning NFTs to the next level. They bought a Banksy artwork called “The Idiot” for $95,000 and burned it. They filmed the burning of the artwork and sold it as an NFT.

This takes digital twins to a new level. The physical object is destroyed, and the rest is NFT

The Future of NFTs

NFT future can be expected, belive in Art Mirror.

A few consistent NFT trends over the past year have been their steady growth, growing interest in them, and their expanding applications.

The future depicted by these NFT trends is an interesting one. While many worry about the impact of the metaverse and the rise of artificial intelligence, this is a future full of possibilities.

It’s a future that bridges the gap between consumers and creators, giving value and security to digital assets that, for better or worse, will shake the world.

Please follow Art Mirror to create and witness the future together.

NFTs Dynamic digital display Frames

The Best Digital Art Displays In 2022

NFT digital painting and calligraphy works integrate high-definition split-screen display, ultra-broadband wireless transmission, streaming media transmission, wireless control, wireless synchronization, blockchain asset verification and other technologies to make traditional painting and calligraphy works into high-definition dynamic screen paintings through 3D technology, subverting painting and calligraphy Static appreciation of works of art

We Are DesignersWe Are ProgrammersWe Are ArtistsWe Are DevelopersWe Are Creative

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Our Artists

And Collections

Art Mirror has successively signed contracts with the most powerful contemporary calligraphy and painting artists. Including national and provincial calligraphers; national and provincial artists. They must be members and presidents of the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Calligraphy Association, the Provincial Artists Association and the Provincial Calligraphy Association.

Art Mirror relies on the professionalism of web3 emerging digital NFT art, and at the same time cooperates with top painters from well-known manufacturers such as China’s major comics, games, and two-dimensional

Road Map

100 Collections on the way

! Everything is Just Beginning !

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100 Collections on the way

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LFGo to the Moon

All interpretation rights belong to Art Mirror, and Art Mirror will execute according to the Road Map, but not limited to.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us


Here are the statistics of ART MIRROR’s projects and communities, where you can witness and grow with us.

Projects Process

Surprise on the way

We never consider ease and joyfulness the purpose of life itself.
We are not afraid of tomorrow for we have seen yesterday and love today.
The value of life lies not length of days, but in the use of we make of them.

The table to the right lists some of our ongoing R&D projects.

For more details, please follow our Twitter and Discord channels, we clearly divide the community of each collection holder discussion.

Bus Stop Collection
Gone Wind
ART Coin


Community Pass Card: is ERC-721. The mint time is expected to be the third quarter of 2022. We will issue 80 passes for each Phase, and the price from 0.03 ETH to each phase will increase to be determined.

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